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Acid Eye Launches 20000 mAh Power bank in India.

Acid Eye has launched its latest device, a 20000 mAh Power bank, which is priced at Rs 1,999. The device comes with three USB output ports, along with an LED indicator for checking remaining power on the device.
The company Acid Eye says that the Lithium-ion battery is integrated with a RISC Microprocessor, which ensures faster charging time. The power bank comes with a maximum output rating of 5V/2A, and boasts of a conversion rate up to 75 % percent, with adjusts the power output according to the device connected. The power bank can be purchased online in color of Black.

Designed with intelligent, informative Digital Display, it helps in denoting the percentage of charge left in the power bank and helps you decide when to charge the power bank. The long and ultra stylish Power Bank is ergonomically designed up keeping functionality along with aesthetics intact.
Speaking on the launch, The Acid Eye said “In today’s extremely multifunctional world the need to get more out of your dev…